Past Events

Past Events

Nov 16, 2018

Interfellowship Coffee House

The interfellowship Coffee House is not a ROC Event- but a celebratory partnership alongside all the campus ministries in what God is doing at Rutgers University. There will be a showcase of talents and giftings from the student body of each ministry. Come out and witness what God is doing. If you would like to showcase your gift and talents register by clicking the form below. What to expect: Coffee (duh) A large gathering of students of all backgrounds and…
Nov 9, 2018

Cooking Service Project

Cooking Service Project is an outreach event hosted by one of our church members. It is a simple idea that may touch the hearts of many homeless people and families in need. We will be cooking and prepping food at our church and coordinating with a food kitchen. We are looking for 15 volunteers who would love to spare a few hours cooking and fellowshipping If you’re interested please find our Facebook Page!
Sep 16, 2018

Fellowship Meal

Join us this Sunday after service for our fellowship meal. We will be having food and a few social mixers. Our hope is that the church can be a genuine and real place focused on God and its people. Food is a perfect way to bond more with one another. Hope to see you there!