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Our goal here is to get us think biblically on some important issues that effect us all

What it Means to be BIG at Rutgers

In case you haven’t heard, as Rutgers students, you’re part of something big — the NCAA BIG 10 athletic conference. The BIG 10 brings with it elite competition, nationally televised games and academic scholarships. You might care deeply about the BIG 10 — or not at all. (It doesn’t matter to me how you feel about the BIG 10, except during basketball season. Then, if you don’t, we won’t have much to talk about!) Being Big as a Christian If…

God’s Sovereignty and Suffering

Ever wonder why God allows us to suffer? Yea, me too! But the truth is God owes no man explanation of any sort, for anything. Sometimes He graciously gives it, but he owes it to none. Many times in my life, when afflictions, trials, or temptations were sent my direction, the book of Job was one of my most comforting reads. The onslaught of his perceived misfortunes seems almost incomprehensible…especially to me, an untouched, un-persecuted American Christian. Also worthy of note is Job’s faithful (but not…